Not a racist bone in his body

Why does trump believe there was massive voter fraud? Besides the obvious reason, which is that fewer people wanted him to be president than his opponent, he apparently also got some inside information from a friend, golfer Bernhard Langer. In his telling of it to Congressional leader, Langer told his good friend trump that he had tried to go vote fo trump in his home of Florida, but had been turned away, while all these people who looked like they shouldn’t have been allowed to vote, because they looked like Latin Americans, were allowed to cast provisional ballots.

Bernhard Langer should not have been allowed to vote, of course, because he is not an US citizen; he is a German citizen with permanent residence status in the US.

But a story from a friend about some brown people being allowed to vote is enough to push trump into believing that there was massive voter fraud. No, not a racist at all. I’m sure that the story would have been exactly the same had those alleged illegal voters been white, and trump would have been just as convinced.

Given trump’s relationship with the truth, I will withhold judgment on whether Langer is racist, and indeed on whether Langer is friends with trump, has ever talked to trump, tried to vote, and maybe whether he lives in Florida.

Maybe Langer was just trying to get a discount on initiation fees at Mar-a-lago; the initiation fee to join has doubled since the election. Hey, gotta cash in while you can; can’t let a business opportunity go to waste. If you wait until you’re an ex-president, it might be too late. You might have been impeached!

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