Why vote yes?

Is there something I’m missing? Is there any reason for a Democratic Senator to vote to confirm any of Trump’s cabinet nominees? Sure, you can’t stop them, and yes, it’s not normal,  but get used to it, nothing is normal. 

Why would 14 Democrats vote to confirm Mike Pompeo as CIA head, when Pompeo supports torture and is an Islamophobe? The least you can do is stand up for your values. Chuck Schumer was in no danger of losing his seat to a Republican because he voted against Trump’s nominees. 

For some reason, everybody but Kristin Gillibrand has decided that they can’t fight every nominee and they need to save their fights for the ones that matter. Do they really think they will get some “principled” Republican to break ranks and join with them to vote down a nominee? What planet have they been living on for the last 8 years? Susan Collins will tut-tut about her concerns, and maybe a few others will express a few misgivings, but none of them will cast a vote that would actually change anything. As long as their vote is necessary for confirmation, Mitch McConnell will have it. 

Author: sherrinichols

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