I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.

Today was Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Today pro-life groups held their March for Life in DC, and the Vice President addressed the rally.

Today the White House issued a statement recognizing Holocaust Remembrance Day which notably never mentioned Jews.

Today trump signed an executive order halting the admission of refugees from Syria, putting a 120 day moratorium on refugee admission from numerous other Muslim majority countries (but not the home countries of the 9/11 attackers), and said in an interview that Christian refugees will be given priority.

Republicans want to build a wall on our border, make health care unaffordable for millions of real live people while agonizing of the rights of the unborn, and put America first, despite our being the richest, strongest country in the world. And they want us to believe they’re doing it in the name of restoring America to a Christian nation.

Author: sherrinichols

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