Meryl Streep and Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his supporters are angry this morning over remarks Meryl Streep made at the Golden Globes last night. Watch the speech, it’s powerful. But the part that got under Trump’s tissue thin skin was where she took him to task, though never by name, for mocking a disabled reporter. 

Certainly one of the many hurtful things he did and said on the campaign trail, Trump and his surrogates still try to spin that away. This is a grown man, making fun of the disability of a reporter he didn’t like, in front of cameras and a crowd of thousands, for laughs. It would be bad enough if he were just the reality TV star we could turn away from, but he did it as the candidate for the highest office in the land, and he won.

That is why so many of us struggle to accept the results of the election. It’s not just that such a disgusting human being will serve as president, but that so many Americans, so many people we know, saw incidents like that, shrugged their shoulders, and said, no big deal. 

I still don’t know how to deal with that. 

You don’t like what Meryl Streep had to say, turn off your TV, don’t watch her movies. What am I supposed to do about how the president treats people he doesn’t like, with the power of the office behind him? What am I supposed to do about the people who shrug their shoulders and say, no big deal, as long as they aren’t the target?

Author: sherrinichols

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