Ideas vs Votes

Republicans may win votes, but their ideas are deeply unpopular. That’s why they rely on white resentment and culture war politics and lies to win.

The latest example is in Tennessee, where a moderate Republican governor can’t get through the right wing noise machine to pass a modified Medicaid extension. Call it Insure Tennessee instead of Obamacare, tweak it a little, and 85% of the state favor it. But the Koch brothers roll in and plaster pictures of Obama next to it, and suddenly government run health insurance is terrible again, though keep your hands off my Medicare.

Trump and the Republicans told everybody that they were going to get rid of Obamacare, but the people who voted for them despite being dependent on it didn’t believe them. Too bad that the health insurance they want would never be proposed by people they vote for, and they hate the people who would propose it. It’s socialized medicine, don’t you know, and that’s unAmerican. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to, so I deserve health care, but those other people, I don’t think the government should be taking care of them, they shouldn’t be so entitled.

Author: sherrinichols

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