Josh Marshall still gives much more credit to James Comey than I’m willing to, in allowing that Comey merely made a mistake or was biased against Clinton when he sent that letter to Congress. Knowing what we now know, that he knew about the intelligence concerning Russian interference in the election, I lean more towards the corrupt explanation.

Republicans  were successful with their coup in North Carolina, as the legislature stripped away power won by Democrats at the ballot box. The Rev. Dr. William Barber continues to fight the good fight.

Meanwhile, SCOTUS still only has 8 members, because the Senate refused to consider Merrick Garland. Evidently elections only count if Republicans win.

Pay attention to the people who roll over for Trump, from the Tech CEOs that Kara Swisher calls out to the media who enjoyed an off the record cocktail party with him, despite his not having answered any questions on the record for weeks. Photo ops make him look good and earn you nothing but contempt, and the sooner everyone learns this, the better off we’ll all be.

 ETA: Why it really matters that the press is having cocktails with Trump rather than asking questions on the record. 

BTW, of all the horrible, terrible, no-good appointments Trump has made, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn stand out. Bannon, because he apparently wants to destroy democracy, and Flynn, because he’s a full-blown conspiracy-theorist paranoid nutcase, and that’s just what you want in a National Security Advisor. Two of the most powerful people in Trump’s orbit, in positions that don’t need Senate confirmation. 

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