North Carolina

North Carolina government, bought and paid for by Art Pope, became one of those laboratories of democracy where the idea of looting the public good and maintaining power by limiting democracy took hold. The Republicans owned by Pope took the levers of power, and with the freedom from racism declared in the Shelby County Supreme Court decision, systematically began to make it harder for African-Americans, poor people, college students, and anyone else who might not be sufficiently Republican to vote.

They were so brazen about it that eventually the courts struck down what they were doing, because Shelby County didn’t get rid of the Voting Rights Act, it just got rid of the part where you had to ask permission before you disenfranchised people. The legislature was so gerrymandered and voting restrictions were so ridiculous that the courts have ordered that districts be redrawn and a special election held next year to elect a new legislature, despite a new legislature being elected this year.

So, when the current sitting legislature calls a special session, it’s a super-duper extra-lame duck legislature, but that’s not stopping them.  The cover reason was to vote on relief for Hurricane Matthew, but having take care of that, they haven’t gone home.  The concern has been that having lost control of the state Supreme Court, they’d try to pack the court by adding members. Now they’re saying they probably won’t do that, instead they’re proposing to rig the board of elections.

Republicans.  Their ideas are so unpopular they can’t face free and fair elections, so they have to blow up democracy to accomplish their goals. Yet they call themselves patriots.
ETA: They’re completely brazen about it.

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