There but for grace

I listen to Republicans attempt to justify their destruction of the ACA, talking about good people not having to pay for others, and other such nonsense, and I wonder what they really think in their starved little brains. Do they think they’ve succeeded because they’ve been good? That they’ve been healthy because they’re better than other people? 

I look at my relative comfort, and think, wow, am I lucky. I’m lucky that, through no choice of my own, I like math. I enjoyed math, I did it for fun, I took all the math classes I could, and that led me to a field where my skills were handsomely compensated. There are plenty of people who are as smart and as hard-working as I am, but they didn’t enjoy doing something that just happened to really take off at the right time. 

So, even though I have multiple pre-existing conditions, even if I can’t get health insurance, I can afford medical care, simply because I liked math. What a crazy way to decide who deserves health care.

Author: sherrinichols

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