Flip a seat!

Actually, two-one locally, one in Congress.

Tom Price, the HHS Secretary, was formerly the Representative from GA-06. There’s a special election underway to fill his seat. trump only won this district by +1, even though Price won reelection easily. The special election is a top two primary, so the two two vote getters in the April primary will move on. There are a bunch of Republicans, and Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is explicityly running against Trump. I’ve donated to his campaign, and encourage you to the same.

Locally, there’s a special election to fill the senate seat for the 45th district. It’s currently held by Republican Dino Rossi, who was appointed when Andy Hill died in office. Democrat Manka Dhingra, a highly qualified Redmond resident who works in the King County Prosecuter’s office. This seat could tip the balance of the state senate, so it will be an expensive race. You can donate to her campaign here.

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