Today’s must reading

Kara Swisher has become the most important tech writer around (not that she already wasn’t a really good one), because she’s willing to call tech leaders on their nonsense.

Comparing Sean Spicer, Shadow President Bannon, and Joseph Goebbels In their own words.

Border Patrol agents were forcing green card holders to give up their green cards on threat of not being able to return to the US for five years.

The ACLU received $24 million in online donations this weekend. They’re going to need that, and more. I’ve given; have you?

If you can’t get through to your Senator’s DC office, try a local office. If the first local office is too busy, work your way down the list. Keep those phones busy, and remind your Senators that you expect them to stand up for your values, not try to find common ground with bullies!

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