Not really for your reading pleasure, but for your information, anyway.

While the big boys of the media seem reluctant to engage with reality, Teen Vogue is not being shy. This is the clearest description of the situation around.

Because Trump knows nothing and cares about nothing that isn’t Trump, it’s important to pay attention to the people around him, because they’ll be operating on their own a lot.  Steve Coll, who wrote a book about ExxonMobil, writes about the nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Tillerson is another Trump insider with ties to Putin; ExxonMobil lost a $500 million deal with Putin because of US sanctions.

As I’ve said to friends, the Trump presidency will be a disaster, we just don’t know the scale of the disaster yet, and there’s not a scale I can rule out yet. I’m not sure our institutions are up to the task of limiting the damage. Given what we know about McConnell and other Congressional Republicans, I’m not optimistic.

ETA:  This is one gloriously righteous rant.

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