Party before country

There are still people who think a Republican Congress will impeach Trump if he goes too far off the rails. Given how Republican office holders have dealt with Trump to date, this seems like wishful thinking at best, dangerous delusion at worst. In light of this latest WaPo article, I’m moving in the direction of delusion.

A bipartisan group of Congressional leaders were presented with evidence that Russia was involved not just with disrupting our election, but with attempting to throw the election to Trump. Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, refused to do anything, and without bipartisan agreement, the Obama administration wouldn’t make the information public out of fear of being accused of using the information for partisan purposes. In other words, McConnell had no problem with blocking the informant for partisan purposes. He’d rather see a Russian puppet elected president than risk his majority.

Still feel good about a Republican Congress restraining Trump? Who’s going to restrain them?

Author: sherrinichols

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