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I’m mulling over some thoughts about the press, fake news, Silicon Valley, and values, but they’re still cooking. In the meantime, here are some interesting things I’ve found.

The Bloomberg Jealousy List for 2016 is out, stories so good they wish they’d done them. The green background is awful, but the stories are good. One of my favorites from the list is this WSJ article about the Theranos whistleblower, who just happens to be the grandson of George Schultz.

This FiveThirtyEight article about the Waffle House Index is really about supply chains, one of those wonky infrastructure things nobody thinks about until they fail. Modern supply chains are long and complex, and if we’re going to take simplistic approaches to trade, for example, we ought to learn more about them.

Crony capitalism. Good thing so much effort was spent investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Nope, not gonna pretend Trump’s win isn’t about race.

This WaPo article about the right wing crazies who believed Clinton was running a child trafficking ring out of a DC pizza place is just nuts.

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